Potter Payper Face Mask


Release date: 1 October, 2021

In 2017 I wrote you all a letter promising that when I made it home I’d give music 100% of my time and dedication, 3 years + 4 months later, 100s of your letters later, I’m back in full effect and I’m always gonna stay at their necks… I have been out the gate lol

I never did this for no charts, no radio, none of that means nothing compared to the genuine love and support you all showed me and continue to show me day in, day out, even before I took my life and music serious. The streets ain’t for me, but my music will always be for the streets.

I’ve done so much in the last year it’s hard to believe I’ve been grinding so long but I’ve only just started… DEEP IT!!! Real back in style, my debut album is coming up and I just wanna thank you all for standing by me and motivating me to change so many lives – couldn’t do it without you.

Potter Payper